My patches to Joe's editor

July 5, 2003
OK. I've implemented 'udupl' function (duplicate line). There are many files touched, so download full archive joe-2.9.8-imovement.tar.gz I've added definition of ^] to joerc - it's now duplicate line, also I've changed defaults in joerc - nonotice, asis, nobackup and wordwrap

June 21, 2003
I've reworked my smart move patch to joe v. 2.9.8. Now you need to replace only one file - uedit.c.

Sat May 31 17:25:34 MSD 2003
Download joe-2.9.8-imovement.tar.gz - my version of joe 2.9.8 with smart move support. You need to add definition -DIMOVEMENT to cflags in Makefile after configure.

Sat May 18 20:34:12 MSD 2002
I have updated my previous patch (see download links below).
Added: function 'duplicate line' ( default ^] )
Changed: nextword now position cursor to the beginning of the next word. 'smart move' operation is enabled by default (edit CFLAGS in to disable ).

Patch seems to work with joe-current from CVS.

Fri May 17 20:19:34 MSD 2002
Joe editor is now available from Sourceforge
Developers does a great job ! Most of my proposals are already included. But I don't like changes in movement functions (I like jumping by word separated not just space chars but also by punctuations), so I did a small patch joe-2.9.8-pre1.patch, which should be applied to 2.9.8-pre1 sources. Lazy people could download the whole archive (joel-2.9.8-pre1.tar.gz with already patched sources.
Also, you can add to CFLAGS (in Makefile after configure did it's job) -DIMOVEMENT to get 'smart move' operation. I don't bother to add powerfull calculator and X11 support. (Sources for previous versions are available below).

My joerc file.


This is a preliminary patch for Joe's editor which adds locale support. Also I fixed well-known term resizing problem



Very brave people could try joel-2.8.tar.gz - all changes above plus:

My joerc file.

Oleg Bartunov ( with invaluable C-programming support by Teodor Sigaev (

GiST support for PostgreSQL

Millenium begins ...

Sat Jan 27 01:08:03 MSK 2001